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Eyes down for relaxation

eyes down for relaxation

Moms don’t get a lot of time to themselves. What with looking after the kids, running a household and often holding down a job at the same time, it’s not surprising that many moms can end up feeling rushed off their feet most of the time. It does you good to take time out now and then, and even though...

Hair Care

Hair Loss Solutions; Some tips to know

Hair Loss Solutions; Some tips to know

Hair Loss Solutions; Some tips to know. Hair loss and thinning are some of the general hair problems. Many individuals suffer from this problem; especially young people are increasingly seen to suffer from it mainly due to their poor lifestyle and diet. Hair loss is caused due to many reasons, some of...

Skin Care

Oily Skin treatments and care

Oily Skin treatments and care

Acne is often the result of many conditions co-existing, all leading to blocked pores and inflammation. Widely ranging in the severity of the disease, acne occurs on many different skin types, each with their own reasons for being acne-prone at that time. Because of this, there are many different tactics...


Eye Shadow; How to apply?

Eye Shadow; How to apply

Eye shadow is perhaps the most beloved cosmetics of creative makeup artists. Since eyes are the most important focal point of the face, the eye makeup techniques and choice of colors for eye shadow should suit the shape and color of your eyes. Eye shadow is generally available as: 1. powders which come...