Alteril Can Help Your Sleeplessness

There are few things more unpleasant than waking up in the morning without a decent night’s sleep. You know that feeling, when you wake up with five, maybe six hour of sleep, or maybe less, then going through your day, just going through the motions. Your body might be there, but the rest of you isn’t!

This is the scenario faced by millions of North Americans each day. In fact, sleeplessness and symptoms of insomnia affects 40 million Americans. That’s the population of Canada and a large American city, say, Los Angeles. It’s enough to make you think we’re living in a nation of zombies. Considering that sleeplessness costs the American economy $150 billion per year in absenteeism and lost productivity, and 1,500 people die in the 100,000 car accidents caused by sleep-deprived drivers, that analogy might be more accurate than you think.

Before we proceed further, we should probably clarify the differences between sleeplessness and insomnia. Sleeplessness generally refers to symptoms associated with sleeping problems for less than a week. These symptoms include trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep, waking up early and not falling back to sleep and sleeping the entire night but not feeling rested in the morning. Insomnia is a broad term that encompasses symptoms of sleeplessness and/or a sleep disorder lasting longer than a week. Insomnia can mean a disorder, or just problems with sleeping.
Acute insomnia refers to sleeping problems lasting longer than a month and can lead to mental and physical illness.
Fortunately, there is help available to take you back to dreamland. Alteril is a safe, natural, non-prescription sleep aid. We’ve taken 25 years of research in the science of slumber and placed them in a capsule that’s going to alleviate your sleepless nights and mornings. Alteril consists of four of the most potent, non-medicinal sleep aids: L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, Valerian and L-Theanine in one convenient tablet.

We designed Alteril with one thing in mind – to give you the deepest, most regular and satisfying rest.
Alteril offers all the advantages of traditional sleeping pills with none of the side effects. There’s no need for trips to the doctor, no waking up drowsy, no need to worry about building a tolerance or withdraw symptoms. Alteril’s effects are immediate, as in the first night, and they’re deep. You’ll go to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer with Alteril, and you’ll wake refreshed and ready to go.

Of course we take your safety very seriously. Alteril is a sleep aid for mild insomnia and occasional sleepless nights. Should your sleepless symptoms last longer than a few weeks, a visit to your doctor would be advisable, to address the underlying issues causing your symptoms. Alteril is doctor-approved and all ingredients are natural and medically proven to induce deep, lasting sleep.

Isn’t it time you had a good night’s sleep? Don’t spend another day going through the motions, spending every conscious moment wishing you could sleep. Give Alteril a chance to give you the rest you deserve. Just knowing you have it with you will put your mind at ease.
Besides, you’ve got a date with the Sandman. Don’t keep him waiting!

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