Care Your Underwear in The Name of The Health

The underwear is a woman’s most personal clothing, underwear fashion becomes pursue careers by more and more people especially thongs, but the underwear is not only related to the beauty of a woman, but more closely related to the health of female private parts. Therefore, panties¡¯ cleaning, drying replacement is particularly important.

Underwear need to wash every day; get rid of accumulated bad habits

Many women need to balance work and family, no time to wash underwear every day, many people choose to accumulate up in the bathroom, waiting until the weekend to wash them. But there are a lot of health risks, this accumulation of underwear briefs on the secretions bacteria will continue to grow at room temperature, a long time, more is not easy to clean. Although you replaced with new underwear every day, your underwear may not be clean. Therefore, it is recommended that underwear wash every day, do not develop the accumulation of bad habits.

Underwear need washed separately Care Your Underwear in The Name of The Health

Some women used to be a day for white cotton panties, socks, and other clothes mixed machine washing, but the panties should definitely be cleaned separately. Feet is easy to breed ground for fungi and other germs, socks and underwear shuffled together, the mold can be contaminated underwear. In addition, family members of underwear should separate cleaning, do not mix wash. Underwear is best to hand washing, which can increase friction density, which will help local cleaning, cleaner way to wash the underwear.

Underwear use what to clean

As we all know, a woman’s private parts is a weak acid environment, cleaning supplies are generally alkaline, so we elected not too strong alkaline cleaning ability is better detergents, such as soap or soap with sterilization and disinfection capacity. Even it is best to prepare a special cleaning utensil. In addition, a lot of girls to wash personal clothing often use too much detergent, but caused by the residual cause skin allergies.

How to hand wash underwear

Some women wash underwear often hastily rubbing and sometimes even without soap. In this regard, the experts believe, two bacteria of common gynecologic – mold and trichomoniasis can be killed in the soap alkaline environment. Use ordinary soap will be able to play this efficacy. It is best to lay the soap after carefully knead for 3-5 minutes, full contact with bacteria and soap. And then it must be thoroughly rinsed in flowing water, thoroughly wash the soap bubble. The female vagina is acidic environment, acidic secretions, and soap is alkaline cleaning when the acid-base contact form salts, if not promptly rinse, a long time, the underwear will be hard, not conducive to health.

Disinfection of the sun

Underwear drying is also very critical, the washed underwear must be in the sun to dry, and ultraviolet light can kill the bacteria above, keeping healthy. If there is no sun, do not put clothes such as string thong panties in wet toilet, should be hung on the balcony ventilated place to dry naturally. Clean and fresh underwear they wear to be comfortable.

In addition, when it comes to underwear disinfection, for women suffering from mold or trichomonas vaginitis, underwear washed, placed in boiling water, or simply cooking, so can thoroughly remove germs.

Care Your Underwear in The Name of The Health

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