Eye Shadow; How to apply?

Eye shadow is perhaps the most beloved cosmetics of creative makeup artists. Since eyes are the most important focal point of the face, the eye makeup techniques and choice of colors for eye shadow should suit the shape and color of your eyes.

Eye shadow is generally available as:

1. powders which come in compact cases or

2. creams in the form of sticks or pencils or

3. paints in the form of tube that will have a creamy effect when applied but gives a powdery effect once it dries

Here are some eye shadow tips to call your own.

* Don’t over do it. The first rule of applying eye shadow is not to over do the amount that you apply. You want a great look for your eyes but you do not want to turn into an old lady with layers of eye shadow on your eyes. Instead, go for a minimal look and it will pay off with an amazing look.

* Dark or light? There are many ways in which to apply your eye shadow. Most will apply a darker shade of eye shadow to the area right above the eyelashes. Then, right under the eyebrow, apply a lighter color. You can mix and match the colors that fit with your tastes. You can even apply a thin layer of a darker eye shadow under the eye right next to your lower eyelashes. This will give a more dramatic look.

Eyeshadow Application Tips

* Before using eyeshadow, use a little powder on the eyelid as a base.

* Eyeshadow is available in many shades. On black eyes, chocolate, green or mauve shades are preferred.

* Eyeshadow is commonly found in powder form but it is also available in cream with a sponge-tip wand and in crayons.

* Eyeshadow should be used for night make-up.

Apply Eye Shadow

From your lash line up to your brow, cover the entire eyelid with a light eye shadow as base. A typical eye makeup consists of this base and a medium, slightly darker shade on the lower eye lid. The color may depend on your preference but it will be safe not to go far from your present outfit. A dark rose or a light blue over a cream, pinkish base can be safely neutral, and you can adjust according to the outfit. But then again, this matching of the eye make up with the clothing should not be overdone. A discreet harmony of colors is essential, and a good makeup should not even bring out the colors but the features. Do not forget to blend. The eye color should not be seen as darker color on top of the light one. Use your finger tips or a brush to carefully spread over one eye shadow over the other, making them almost a natEye Shadow; How to applyural part of the skin. Do not neglect as well the temple part of the head, or the area where the eye shadow ends. This part should also be well blended, with the colors diffusing unto the skin foundation.

Draw a line over the entire upper portion of the lash line using a pencil eyeliner or a liquid one. The thickness of the line depends on the shape of your eyes, a thicker one makes a small, squinty eye look more rounded and a thin one is advisable to those with bigger eyes. Finish off with a mascara to add volume and length into your lashes.

Invite everyone into the beauty of your individuality and mesmerize them with your gaze. Even you will be amazed at how your confidence and personality improves by simply learning how to apply eye shadow the perfect way.

Eye Shadow; How to apply?

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