Flattering Plus Size Curves

In many western countries the percentage of plus size women is steadily growing. In the USA over 50% of women (that’s over 35 million) are a plus size. This has seen the explosion in plus size fashion, but unfortunately many of the designs are downright frumpy. It’s like the designers are cashing in on a new market segment, without any genuine care about producing designs which plus size women would want to wear out. They’re not flattering or fashionable and gives the impression that plus size women need to be punished!
There are many examples of stunning, confident plus size women to look to for inspiration and motivation, including; Queen Latifah, Sherri Sheperd, Nikki Blonsky, Christina Schmidt and Ashley Graham.
The first step to take if you are a plus sized woman is to analyze your figure (or have it analyzed) so you know how you’re proportioned horizontally and vertically. Identify your great parts (and every woman has them) and seek professional styling advice on how to subtly mold your curves through the clever use of design lines.
You need to learn to appreciate (not curse) your curves. After all many men prefer a few curves to a bony body as they’re more feminine, sensual and voluptuous . Look at all the famous artworks of the past few hundred years. It’s the curvaceous ladies who’ve been immortalized on canvas, not skinny greyhounds!

The next step is to seek professional advice on which design elements will be the most flattering for your shape.

Here’s a few tips…

1. Wearing the right correctly fitted undergarments is essential for full-figured women and can make the difference between a lumpy silhouette and a smooth, firm, sleek one.

 2. Design Lines:

  • Horizontal design lines can make you look wider and are best used to balance an area that is disproportionately narrow e.g, the shoulders of a pear/triangular shaped woman.
  • Vertical design lines are a full figured woman’s best friend. They have the power to instantly elongate and slim anywhere they are applied to, and can work minor miracles.
  • Circular/curved design lines are best applied to the part of your body that is the smallest.
3. Patterns can add interest, flair and fashion to your look. The more substantial your body size, try to avoid dresses with lots of circular/curved shapes in the pattern as they have a tendency to enlarge the overall body. Dresses with geometric, complex or subtle (little contrast between colours) patterns will be the most flattering.

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