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We all know about the much important skin care routine. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the basics of a skin care routine, following which is known to help your skin stay healthy and problem free. So while you follow this routine you might be using various cleansers, toners and moisturizers. While many know the benefits of cleansing and moisturizing, they often skip the toner considering it as an unimportant step in the entire process. Well, let me tell you that toning your skin rightly plays an important part in this skin care regime. Before we know about the natural skin toners in this article, let us understand the many benefits of using one.


A toner helps remove the impurities on your skin surface and keeps infections at bay. It also helps close the skin pores and tones it to give you a smooth skin texture. Skin toners play an important role in reducing the large pores on your skin which can look really unsightly at times. These also helps control the oiliness of skin hence controlling acne and minor pimples. Spray a toner on your face and you are sure to feel refreshed.

About the Toner

Today there are various brands in the market. Definitely you would be using the best toner for best results. While you can continue using these when outdoors, natural toners are a great alternative to these for at-home use. These are cheaper and being natural, safer for your skin. Natural toners are commonly those extracted from fruits and other natural ingredients. These offer long-lasting results and are hardly have any side effects on your skin. Moreover, you can easily make them at home as well.

Options Available

Cold Cucumber
Cucumber is really beneficial and that’s why it’s used in various beauty recipes. These make the best toner for dry skin when used in combination with yogurt. Take a small cucumber and chop it in to small pieces. Add it to a bowl of yogurt and refrigerate this mixture. Take a thick cotton pad to apply the mixture on your skin. Wash off with cold water.

Fruit Juices
Simply applying the fruit juices on your skin is also extremely beneficial. You don’t even require to extract the juice, simply cut a fruit in slices and use one. Slice of orange or apple can be used. Similarly you can rub a strawberry over your skin. Leave for drying and wash off.

Vegetable Toners
You can have your skin toned with slices of vegetable like potato, gourd, tomato, etc. If you are wondering how to make a toner using mint leaves, then here’s the procedure. Take water in a bowl and keep it for boiling. Add enough quantity of mint leaves to it. Let them boil for a while. You can add 2 drops of mint extract to it. Now let it cool down. Apply using cotton pads. Mint forms another best toner for dry skin.

Refreshing Lemons
Lemons can be used in various ways to make the best natural toner for oily and dry skin as well. Remember that use of lemons must be avoided on sensitive skin. You can use lemon juice in combination with honey as a refreshing toner. Add lemon juice to equal amount of rose water and have a wonderful skin toner that also takes care of your dark spots and blemishes.

With a number of benefits, you are sure to try using them, right? So add one of the aforementioned toners to your beauty regime and get ready to look gorgeous day after day…
By Mamta Mule

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