Helpful Tips for Getting Pregnant

There a lot of things you’ll need to consider before having a family. Both of you must be financially stable, physical and emotionally mature, and has the capacity to do so. And if you think that you and your partner are ready and have decided to conceive a baby either planning with a boy or a girl and even with twins, then go on.

There are various of tips for trying to get pregnant. It is just very easy and fast in trying to conceive a baby but then, there certain methods you’ll need to consider that may improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to get pregnant:

  1. Having sex

Perhaps, it is one of the most important tips for getting pregnant. Sexual intercourse between partners is the gateway in conceiving a baby without any use of contraceptives such condoms, lubricants, and pills etc. Take note, without using contraceptives or birth control! If you are using it previously, get off of it in advance. It advised having sex every other day during the fertile window. Fertile window is the five days prior to ovulation and the day of it. It is often considered as the days each month wherein a woman is most fertile.

Some studies show, that sexual positions can also improve the possibility of getting pregnant. But for those who aren’t capable of getting pregnant by the traditional method because of infertility, erectile dysfunction and alike, there modern procedures offering alternative ways such as artificial insemination and more.

  1. Know your menstrual cycle and fertile days

No matter how regular you and your partner get into solo time, it is also important to know  your menstrual cycle and the days wherein you’re fertile. A woman should monitor the first days of her  period and an exact number of days apart for every month, which is generally accepted as being a regular period. In contrast, if her cycle’s length differs from month to month, then she is considered with an irregular period. By monitoring this information using a calendar, one can better know when she might be ovulating, or the time when her ovaries would release an egg for every month. There some methods women can use in determining their fertile days every month.

One of which is by tracking cervical mucus.  It involves a woman’s regular checking of both the appearance and a number of the mouse in her vagina. If the amount of mucus increases and it becomes clearer, thinner and more slippery, it indicates that a woman is most fertile. In a situation, when it becomes more elusive, it is simple for the sperm to advances to the egg. There is a study stating that woman consistently monitored their cervical mucus are more likely to get pregnant over a period of six months.

Another method is by the use of prediction kits, home ovulation kits in particular. This kits can be good in predicting and finding out when will a woman ovulate.

Other kits that are sold at various drug stores test the urine for luteinizing hormone. It is a substance that increases every month while ovulation causes the ovaries to relinquish an egg. If it indicates a positive result, it is the suitable time for partners to have sex and it may increase the probability of getting pregnant.

Getting Pregnant

  1. Ensuring that your sperm count is healthy

Women are not just only the one to assure that they are fertile, men too. One of some helpful tips for men is ensuring that their sperm count is in a healthy state. There’s some research showing that the use of tight underwears or pants, long-distance driving, hot tubs, and laptops have shown to affect the sperm count and quality.

It is because the sperm production in a man’s testicles needs to be below a body temperature. So it is advice to wear loose boxers or underwear, avoid any prolonged exposure to heat, from steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs and baths. But there are also some studies that disprove it.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle greatly affects the possible of conceiving a baby. For example, it is difficult for a person to get pregnant if she’s too heavy or too thin. By having too many fats produces excess estrogen that interferes the ovulation. Research says that losing five to ten percent of body weight before a woman wants or tries to conceive may improve her own fertility. Likewise, it is difficult for a woman who are too thin to get regular periods or may result to stop the ovulation.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat healthy foods. Eating a variety of healthy foods can help a woman’s body in preparation for pregnancy. It is by eating vegetables and fruits, whole grains, healthy sources of fats or dairy products which give an adequate amount of nutrients such iron, protein and calcium.

Taking supplement which contains folic acid, it lowers the risk of having a baby with spina bifida.

Being busy and getting too much exercise or works could inhibit ovulation. If you’re planning to have a busy, try to relax and free-up all your stresses in life.

Lastly, quit smoking and give up too much alcohol intake. Smoking is really not good for our health in general. It reduces the fertility or capability of both men and women to conceive a baby for lowers the quality of healthy sperm and of a woman’s egg. On the other hand, drinking alcohol should also be avoided or regulated. One must drink it at the moderate amount or not at all if one is hoping to get a baby until she becomes pregnant.

These are only a few common tips for getting pregnant but are amazingly effective. Just follow it and wait for a couple of weeks or months then the best gift you’re looking for will come. If none of these works, it is now your time to seek  a medical help. There, they will offer some incredibly helpful and easier methods that will help you and your partner to have a baby.


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