How Long After an Abortion Can You Get Pregnant?

An abortion can be an extremely emotional and sensitive situation. There are some things to keep in mind after the procedure before moving on with your life.
What Is An Abortion
1. Medical abortions are when doctors administer prescription drugs to stop the pregnancy. A surgical abortion is when a doctor removes the embryo from the uterus, generally using a vacuum device.

Physical Effects of Abortion
2. Either form of abortion can result in vaginal bleeding and cramping. Surgical abortions may result in scarring of the cervix, which may require surgery to repair, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Future Impacts
3. According to information from the Mayo Clinic, neither surgical nor medical abortions are considered to be linked to future infertility problems. The Mayo Clinic recommends that women with concerns regarding future pregnancies Pregnant African American woman with hands on bellyshould consult their doctors.
Physical Restrictions Following an Abortion
4. Because the cervix may remain open following the procedure, women should not use tampons, swim, take baths or have sexual intercourse for two weeks following the abortion.
How The Body Reacts
5. Most women’s bodies will stop displaying pregnancy symptoms within a week, according to the Feminist Women’s Health Center. Also, a woman’s regular menstrual cycle should resume within four to six weeks.
Pregnancy After an Abortion
6. Woman can become pregnant at any time following an abortion and birth control is recommended if future pregnancies are not desired.


  1. i had an abortion on the 16 of April and had intercourse on the 18th of April then had my period for 9 days. when am i getting my next period

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