How to Get Cheek Dimples?

Cheek dimples, so desirable, so attractive, and yet you aren’t one of those ‘blessed’ individuals to flaunt these. No one can figure what it is about dimples that make a person so attractive, and simply adds to her/his charm manifold.

Yet all of us want to be one of those charming people, who can flash a dimpled smile and sway onlookers off their feet. Well, before we understand how to get these desirable cheek dimples, let’s take a look at what dimples are and what causes them.

What are Dimples?

Dimples are simply indentations in the skin, and those that occur on the cheek are different from those on the chin, in terms of their formation. A dimple on the chin is actually called a cleft.

Some people get dimples when they smile, and this usually occurs when the skin between the mouth and the cheek gets pulled in to form the indentation. Dimples are mainly hereditary in nature, but it is not necessary that every generation will have dimples. They are in fact elusive, and may skip some generations before they make an appearance again.

However, cheek dimples may not always occur due to genetics. As attractive and desirable as they are, dimples develop mainly due to a kind of fault in the structure of the facial muscle and skin. Every face has a muscle known as zygomaticus major. However, when this muscle is shorter than usual, it is likely to pull in your skin when you smile, and create a dimple. In some people, the length of the muscle so short that dimples are visible even when they are not smiling.

This of course is a very rare occurrence, but an occurrence nonetheless. Though dimples usually occur on both sides of the face, in some, it is just one side that has the honor of flaunting a dimple. Some believe that this trait is in fact more appealing than dimples on both sides of the to get cheek dimples

How to Get Cheek Dimples

Since dimples are considered to be one of the most attractive facial features, people are not deterred by the fact that it does not naturally occur on their face, and are looking for ways to develop these. As hard as you try to poke a pen in your cheek and create a dimple, this is not how you are going to develop one. The only way to incorporate this feature into your face is by means of plastic surgery. Surprisingly, this process has been on for years, and the desire for dimples is not a recent fad. The procedure is extremely short, and is performed within a day.

To create dimples through surgery, a small incision is made through the inside of the cheek, in the zygomaticus muscle. A suture is permanently placed between the skin and muscle, thereby causing a dimple when a person smiles. Though short, it is definitely a sensitive procedure. You are likely to experience some form of bruising after the procedure, until the suture heals completely. Also be prepared for the fact that the size of your dimples may be medium and not very large. The process may get very complicated if you try to go beyond the demarcated levels of physical enhancements through unnatural means.

Now, a lot of you may believe that a cheek dimple is what makes a beautiful face. While it is not wrong to desire one, don’t ever believe that it is all you need to look beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and this really isn’t some kind of philosophy or jargon. It is a simple, understated truth that you should be aware of. You may resort to plastic surgery to get those gorgeous cheek dimples. Just be prepared for anything that may go wrong. This is not a deterrent, just a warning. At the end of it all, just enjoy your natural beauty. You probably don’t realize it, but you definitely have something that someone else deeply desires


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