How To Make Your Breasts Bigger Naturally?

There are many ways that you can do to make your breasts bigger without having to undergo a surgery or other expensive procedure. Listed below are some of the most effective natural methods to help you increase your breast size in a healthy way and without spending a dime.

How To Make Your Breasts Bigger Naturally?

  1.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables –  Nothing is more natural and healthier than eating fresh fruits and vegetables. A nice fruit or vegetable salad will help you gain the right amount of healthy fat to improve the size of your breasts. Some fruits and vegetables that will improve your breast size include avocado, dill, black olives, strawberries, and blueberries.
  2. Massage your breasts – Many women do not believe in the miracle in massaging their breasts. They don’t know that massaging your breasts releases hormones that will naturally grow your breasts. Try massaging your breasts every night. You can also use massage oils to help increase the stimulation to release the hormones.
  3. Do some chest exercises –  Push-ups and jumping jacks are great exercises that you can do to help you increase your breast size. Try doing these exercises at least 5 minutes a day and you’ll see results after a few weeks. You can also do sit-ups with feet up in the air to help tone your chest muscles and abs as well.
  4. Avoid anything with caffeine – Caffeine prevents the growth of your breasts because of its diuretic nature (releases fluid inside the body). Try to avoid or, at least, minimize your intake of caffeine. If you can’t avoid caffeinated products, try to drink water to compensate for the ones you lost.
  5. Reduce your stress – Stress affects your whole body negatively. It can cause hormonal imbalance that will inhibit your body to function properly. This also affects the growth of your breasts as hormones play a big part in the development of your breast. To get rid of stress, try to exercise more. You can walk around the block several times, do some shopping or house chores. Growing your breasts naturally is really possible as long as you follow your routine faithfully. Sure, surgery delivers faster results but, at the end of the day, it is still your health that matters not your breast size. If you are considering surgery, you should at least try these alternatives first.How To Make Your Breasts Bigger Naturally

Below are Six plant to make your Breasts bigger naturally

  1. Sweet Root -This plant is best in increasing your estrogen and prolactin level. That results in your breasts increasing in volume and becoming a lot more voluptuous.
  2. Pueraria Mirifica – This one is usually the main element of no-wrinkle creams. It originated from Thailand and gives you a firmer pair of breasts after regular intake.
  3. Anise – Known mainly to be a spice used in various food recipes this one can be used to enlarge breasts as well.
  4. Burdock – Female reproductive systems have witnessed and felt noticeable difference after a regular intake of this plant. This plant helps in increasing the blood current to your breasts.
  5. Fenugreek – Many people have heard of this certain plant but little did they know about its breast enlargement methods. All you have to is put some seeds in a bowl of water overnight then use the liquid for massaging.
  6. Fennel – Just like the first one, fennel increases the estrogen level in a woman’s body. It is rich with substances that stimulate breast growth and also increase milk production when you’re breastfeeding.

make your Breast bigger naturally

I personal recommend the Total Curve in making  your breasts bigger naturally; Science has finally given women a more natural choice for breast enhancement…… A safer, less costly alternative to invasive surgeries, fat augmentation, etc.

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How Total Curve Enhances Your Body with Beautiful Breasts

Some breast enhancement techniques involve pumps that clamp onto your breasts for months at a time. Other options include padded bras that don’t enhance your breasts at all.

Then of course, there is the infamous breast implant surgery, in which a surgeon slices your breasts open to insert silicone implants that will eventually need to be replaced and require lengthy and expensive recurring surgeries. We at Total Curve would rather give you natural and beautiful breasts without knives or clamps. In fact, everything you need to grow your breasts with Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy comes from within your body. Here’s how it works.

Estrogen plays an important role in the size and shape of your breasts. Because of this, your first step in the breast augmentation process with Total Curve is the Total Curve Daily Supplement, which contains a series of natural and safe phytoestrogens to increase your overall breast volume.

These phytoestrogens mimic estrogen’s role in the breast development process. The Daily Supplement also contains a variety of herbals, nutrients and antioxidants that promote overall breast health while reducing symptoms of PMS, menopause, diminished sex drive and vaginal dryness. Take one capsule twice a day for best results.

The second step in enhancing your breasts with Total Curve is our Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel, which you apply to your breasts every day, injecting them with vital cell-pumping action. Volufiline, which is clinically proven to grow breast fatty cells by 640%, is the secret weapon here. Volufiline contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis and stimulates the fatty cells in your breasts to grow in quantity and volume.

A little more about Volufiline. Recent clinical tests have shown tremendous potential for this stimulator of breast tissue. In two surveys, of two groups of women between the ages of 18 and 35, who were not pregnant or breast feeding and who had all maintained a stable weight for three months, participants applied Volufiline to one breast, twice daily.

Scientists measured the results on days 28 and 56 of the survey. Twenty-five per cent of the women reported an increase of breast size of 6.6% on day 28 and 8.4 % on day 56. That’s without the scarring, discomfort and side effects associated with other breast augmentation methods.

The third step in enhancing your breasts is the Total Curve Exercise Program. Exercise in itself does not increase volume of fatty tissue in your breasts. However, it does tone the muscles supporting your breasts, which provides a natural breast lift and makes them appear larger.

We walk you through all the exercises, which are easily performed, either in a gym or at home, with or without equipment. Lead an active lifestyle and time is in short supply? No problem, they’re easy to incorporate into your day, and easy to perform for beginners.

With these three steps, of the phytoestrogen-packed Daily Supplement, the Volufiline-formulated Activator Gel and the Total Curve Exercise Program, Total Curve offers you the safest, healthiest and most effective natural breast therapy available. With Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy, you will have beautiful and bountiful breasts. This is our guarantee.


  1. I am 15 years old and in highschool. I wear a size a bra do I but them super padded and pushup and STILL get made fun of for 'having no chest'

  2. I just don't know if this will work because my boyfriend wants to have sex I'm just embarrassed about my breast size

    1. It doesn’t matter if you have a size breasts he should love you for your personality not for your body and I’m 12 I have c size breasts which will become d when I’m 13 or 14 idk how i have big breasts because everyone in my family has small breasts but because of my big breasts everyone in my school and all my friends tease me even having big breasts is not nice so be who you are and be happy 🙂

  3. If your bf doesn't like how you look, then not even worth it for you to give your self intimately to him. He must accept you for how you exactly look like! Don't be embarrassed of your self!:)

  4. My boyfriend wants me to grow my boobs and my ars as I'm a 34 b and I'm not happy about my boobs at all. He said once I make my boobs and bum big ill be perfect 🙁

  5. Ladies please don't judge me……….deep breath………..

    I just turned 12 Oct 1st I want to see how big I can get my Boobs to grow so When i'm older they'll be a nice size i'm in middle school my bf says i love your boobs and your body but i wanna see how much faster you can make them grow and I wanna feel more confident in my self

  6. Sooo I'm 13 and I'm in 8th grade I've been a 32A since 6th grade! I started my “.” last year on Thanksgiving and I'm just mad that NOTHING at all has happened. I'm sad about it too because just the other day I was walking home from school and a random guy yells out, “You're flat-chested!” And all the time in class guys would comment about my boobs, and I'm just tired of it. So please, before I try this, please tell me it works… ):

    1. Please I’m in 7th grade and I’m not even in a cup yet it freaking sucks last year my so called friend called me flat chested at my summe camp my friend who had 36c cup always said I have no tities I have orangutan tities I wanna cry myself to sleep sometimes .

      1. I’m also in 7th grade but I have c cup breasts but everyone teases me because of my big breasts so even having big breasts is a problem and don’t be friends with mean people like that because you all are perfect the way you all are

  7. haha my boyfriend loves me the way i am, but i know he like big boobs. and I'm, like, a negative A. if thats possible xD i hope this works so i can surprise him in a few months. cross your fingers! XD

  8. My boyfriend loves my breasts he says I am perfect but i would love to make them bigger hope this really works and how long does it take for you to start seen results??

  9. I'm 14 and I wear a 34A bra and have done for ages, all my friends are a B,C or a D do you think it will really work? Because I'm gunna try drinking a lot of milk and massaging, because I'm self- confident about my boobs and I know your probably thinking oh she's only 14 but hey… Some people are younger than me so don't judge pleaser thank xoxoxo

  10. i stared doing boob massages and it worked! during the summer i massaged my boobs with regular lotion and by the next 2 months i grew a cupsize. i went from a 33A to a 36C. Im only14 it can wotk but it takes time! 🙂

  11. How much and how long should I massage? Im 13 going on 14 im just barely a Bcup all my friends are a big B,C I hope this seriously works I've tried so many things hope this works! (:

  12. I'm 14 and I'm still a 32A trust me it's going to take time but back to you I would say around 10-15 minutes just watch tv while doing it so you can be distracted and won't be bored.

  13. I'm 16 And Im In 34A. I Been That Size Since I Was 12. Sometimes I Feel Very Embarassed About Being Around Other Girls My Age Because They Tlks About Me. Then Certain Boys Talks About My Breast Size Because They Like Girls With Big Breast. I Really Hope This Works.

  14. hey allzzz i don't even have boobs.. it look like a plank. and it's kinda sad when the boys in my class make fun of me. i hope this works? 😀

    1. I’m 12, and I sometimes feel them growing (but i am flat!) Like they hurt when i jump and that stuff, and they feel tender sometimes… but i am flat and all the girls in my class are developed or at least half-way there. I have no period (duh) and I found like about 1cm of yellow-white crusted dry stuff in my underpants… could it be discharge? Oh, and, will this work? Thx ?

  15. i am 16 and am a 34d but i want then to go bigger because my boyfriend said he wants to have sex i want to too but i need boobs

  16. 34d isn't that enough o.O and u shouldn't have sex at 16 or use protection oh and massage works 🙂 even though it feels weird

  17. well actually it is a nice year to start doing these tips because these tips will not work if you are fully grown if you are a teenager and your body is still developing these tips will work a lot more

  18. Girll…. i just turned 13 and im in 7th grade and im gonna guess ur in 6th grade ….. i have had guys tell me i had a nice butt and body but never really boobs.. im a 34 A …… but i mean like the guys who point out that stuff about u isnt the right guy he just wants u for your looks…. u want a guy who points oit the naturals like ur eyes and how beautiful you are and maybe once in a while be like nice butt. But like say it in a joking way if u kno what i mean….. im just tryin to say he isnt the guy for you…. i kno some adults r gonna read our comments and me like, yall are to young to date….. but whatever ive been dating since 4th grade but each relationship i have is more than 6 months 🙂 i would tell u to text me but i dont wanna put my # on the internet lololol

  19. K so I'm in 8th grade, I'm not yet 14 but will b in January. I haven't got my period (lol and I don't plan to til im 18) but I was wondering if not having your period yet will affect your breast growth? Haha IK that's such an awkward question to ask but I really want to know so if anyone can answer that, thnx. If not, I'll just test it out then.

  20. Honestly girl I get nervous about that too 'cause I have small boobs too. But boobs are boobs! Guys live to play with any size of boobs. Trust me he loves them

  21. Girls dont worry about what a boyfriend tells you esp when you're still so young! I was always in sports and didnt get boobs till college when I was less active. Work what you got and if someone doesnt like you bc of your breast size, there are plenty others that will

  22. All of you younger girls might just have to wait. I'm 20 and just got bigger boobs recently, but when I was 13 I was an A, at 16 a B, and now I'm a D and ive stayed at about 115 pound since I was 16. Some of us are just late bloomers 🙂 but don't worry if you don't have big boobs, because it's your body and it's beautiful. Learn to love what you've got in the mean time 🙂

  23. Boobs are boobs a lot of girls have big boobs a lot of times its nice to have some smaller ones! But all girls are beautiful in their own way so don't be shamed! Hey guys can't do anything about there penis size LOL

  24. You will probably have smaller to no breasts if you haven't gotten you're period yet because your hormones haven't kicked in to make you grow much breast tissue. Youll be developing and growing until your earlier 20's so if you haven't had your period you're in the very early stages of development.

  25. You girls are so young what happens when you have a 21 year old body at 12…. Ehen you turn 21 youll look 42 I promise you im 22 and I have the body of my dreams but thats the only time it really matters… Lets be real why do you even want boobs… For guys to look at them and not your face… For people to find you more sexually attractive even though you guys legally,cant even have sex now. Stay young enjoy your child hood because once your grown life is not so sugar coated

  26. I'm only 12 and in a 7 8 class but the problem is I'm in a all BOYS class and I like this guy but he's dating my new friend.And I just want to like the way I look I wear a sweater every day even in summer because I have harry arms.its one thing after sh*t

  27. Im 16 years old almost 17 and i still dont fill an A cup. I dont like it would be such a big deal to me if they were at least round does this help with that i mean they are so small they barley point out

    1. This was four years ago but I’m going through the same thing, please tell me if I should be worried, or if your boobs actually grew. I’m 16 btw.

  28. I'm 13 years old and turning 14 in 20 days and in grade 8. My best friend is a D and when ever i go out im always with her and i dont go out without her and my guy mates and her always make jokes about my small boobs because im a 34A almost going on to B but i really hope this works because most of my guys mates look for boobs so *crossing fingers*

  29. There are a lot of girls on here that are saying they want to do this for a boys or boys, I think it's rather sad actually that at 13 and 14, when technically we haven't finished growing yet, so many girls want to improve their breast size in order for a boy to like them. I'm 14 and I've been bugged about my breast size for almost three years now, cause they've stayed the same small cup size while my best friend grew into some D cups over the summer, but honestly, if I were to do anything to improve my breast size (and I do mean if, I'm rather pleased with my body the way it is) it would be completely for myself and to help bring up my self esteem a little, not to impress a boy or be considered 'prettier' or 'hotter'. 'Cause having big boobs doesn't make anyone better looking, you're pretty just the way you are and if someone tells you, that you'd be prettier with bigger breasts, then they don't think YOU are pretty to begin with, as harsh as that sounds. I think you should wait for someone who is attracted to you, the way you are.

  30. Ok i am 13 years old. and in the 8th grade. I am in a 32 b and have been since the 6th grade. i was wondering if massaging it really worked? i am ashamed of my boob size. boys call me pancake because of it. i want big boobs. there is this guy i like a whole lot but he only likes girls with big boobs….. does this really help?!

  31. ok so m 16 and i have this bf and people say hes a cheater he got girls pregnant but i still like him. the problem is he likes girls with big boobs i need this to work cuz i reely like him… and plz dont comment “dump him” or “just be urself” cuz i reely like him and i dont wana lose him

  32. I'm 21 with 34a boobs and am trying to seek results. When I was 16, I was about a C cup and due to getting very ill over the past 5 years, my boobs literally vanished overnight. Did these exercises and routines work for anybody? I don't want to sit here for a long time looking like a weirdo grabbing my boobs.

  33. I get upset when I see teenagers saying that they want bigger boobs :/ 12-15 years old? Slow down, you're still in the process of growing and when you get older and still unsatisfied with your body then you come back here :/

  34. your not gonna look like a weirdo i did the massaging thing with lotion and i plan on doing it when i wake up and when i go to bed for a about a whole month. i want this to work because i am 21 and im in a 34b! its not usual so yea i want this to work. because my bf likes girls with big boobs….

  35. okay heres the thing, im just about 14 and my self esteem is extremely low… if anyone could reply and tell me that this worked i would be freakin happy. im like really flat.. ive got these girls in my school that make fun of me constantly.. and i know for a fact. i got a group of duddes makin fun of me.. im in highschool.. stuck with the smallest boobs.. help pweaz

  36. There is no need to have massive boobs. ive been with my fella for two years. 34C n he always tells me that anything more than a handfull is a waste. plus your all too young to be thinking about big boobs. a lot of lads nowadayss hate girls that show their boobs. They get called slags and no one would be going near you if all you showed was your tits. Your only going to make your self conscious about if a guy likes yoir tits and will hate it when you dont find that “perfect” guy when all you have to show is your boobs so therefore only get the dickhead lads. your still early developement yet. so just wait n stop worrying. i didnt get anything. no period till 15 n took a while to grow aswell. id like bigger boobs to help with fitted dresses looking better but thats not happening. so i dont other now. wear a push up bra if your that worried

  37. I'm 16 and I'm a b-cup and I have a huge ass and I just wish my boobs would get at least one cup size bigger. I hope this actually works. And I want them bigger because of my own reasons. Not because of some stupid boy… I feel like I would be more confident.

  38. I'm 24 and still in a 34a barley. I'm with the love of my life so don't need a man just want to look good. It's hard to wear certain shirts cause it looks retarded with small boobs lol. I'm very self conscious even tho my man loves me the way I am.

  39. I'm 15 and I have quite small boobs, I means like 36 D doesnt sound bad but it's quite small, compared too some girls. my boyfriend thinks I'm perfect but…im just to embarrassed about my boobs and body. so does this stuff work?

  40. i'm 17.
    I dont want to grow my boobs because of some guy,i mean, i have a boyfriend,but he's really christian so he does not think about it.
    But i do, i just want my boobs bigger because of myself,i have a really low-self esteem, so yeah. I think bigger boobs would help me.

  41. well in 16 and i use 34A and well i have a boyfriend that ive been with him for a year already and he says he doesnt care about my looks and well hes always saying im cute and beautiful and pretty and that i have the most wonderful eyes ever but i really want to increase my boobs size cuz when i go shopping theres sum really cute dresses or clothes that dnt look rite on me cuz i dnt have boobs so can anyone tell me if this works

  42. Im 13,im basically flat chested,i know masaging your boobs will work especially with coconut butter,if your boyfriend has a problem then,he is just a buthole,we all grow diffrent,if he says something about your boobs just say your dicks cheesy or small.

  43. I'm going to be 15 in two weeks 🙂 and I'm a 40D, but I can already fit a 36DD. I want to make my boobs bigger because I do not wear push ups and all the girls are saying my boobs are small when they are no where near close to my size anyway! It's more of a way to show them up, but also, I'm almost done growing too.

  44. I will be 15 in two weeks and I'm a 40D and can fit a 36DD. But I think my boobs have stopped growing. I want to make them bigger because girls at my school say they are tiny when they are no where near close to my size! It kind of to show them up, but also, I'm almost done growing and I want to be a nice size when I'm older.

  45. I'm 16, I have low self-esteem and I'd live bigger boobs being a 32a.
    It's nothing to do with a boy, my boyfriend said he doesn't care and when I spoke to him about in the future maybe getting surgery he had a problem because he wanted me to natural even with my current boob size.
    But I want to be more confident and wear more body hugging clothes that suit me because I have a good figure.
    I'm also underweight because it runs in my family although I eat like a horse.
    Is it still possible for these tricks to work?

  46. I'm 14 and I can barely fill a 34a…. Literally all the girls I know have big breasts and when they talk about bras I just pretend I don't care… But they don't know what it's like and I feel left out, childish and have a low self esteem. I'm gonna try the massage thing, the milk thing and the chicken thing. Also I've read that fenugreek (look it up) helps a lot.

  47. Im 22 and wear padded bra's. Iv had my period numerous times, and nothing happens, its embarrassing,, I will try the rubbing massage.. Wel, as eating fruit, etc.. Oh, And if your boyfriend truly loves you, He won't care if your flat, or big, just saying. If he's not happy, He's not worth being with.. 🙂 !!!!! Go find someone that loves you no matter what!!!

  48. Don't worry girl I no how u fell because that's exactly how I fell… Cuz I'm 14 to and one of my friends is almost a D and one of my friends is a D so ya it kinda sucks but oh well

  49. Im 12 almost 13 and want bugger boobs– i cant wear some tops bc my mom says “Oh, uh yeah, you need bigger boobs to wear that V-neck, bc it looks wierd ” of course im paraphrazing… PLEASE WORK!!!

  50. Okay soo… Im 13 I wear a size 32 a.. dont judge , my mother says its because Im really small around , but my boobs are tiny as fudge . Im tired of having small boobs and I dont want to grow up and be like in an a cup , I want nice boobs like kim kardashian but without implants and my mom is always like oh youll grow some some time , well Im tired of waiting and Im going to highschool next year I dont want to get picked on EVEN MORE next year…. Im tored of my size 32 a boobs .

  51. Lol…. all you people younger than 18 are complaining about small boobs? Seriously? I'm 19 and mine are a 32A….. Ya. Mind you I'm a tiny person (5'2 100lbs) so I'm not too sure if they'll even get any bigger.

  52. I know I might be to young for this but I'm 14 and my boobs are really small….. It's not that anyone tells me I have small boobs it's just that I would want my boobs to be bigger then they are

  53. Girls. Your young dont worry about ur boobs. If i had adollar for everyday i was worried amd teased about my chest in middle school id be rich. Im 17 now nd lets just say im not the one getting made funm of anymore. Ull grow just give um time. Trust me. Them ull wish u were back to the way u startdd

  54. i'm 17 i was a 32A for about a year and half until i went on the pill (mircogyon) since i've been on it from october last year. i started to massage and exercise my boobs regularly every week after about december last year i went from a 32A to a 34B and at this moment im a 34C. if you do this you will see such a difference in them, they will feel firmer bigger and you won't feel so embarassed it just takes time which most of you all must have.
    (from experience)

  55. Im 13 and i wear a 34 B and i would love to have bigger boobs bc it looks like im flat chested compared when im standing by my friends which are B,C, and some D i hate it. All my guy friends say i shouldnt change i disagree. Btw does milk make ur boobs bigger i dont believe it

  56. It doesn't matter what you say, as in oh you're too young. Everyone will make their own choices and there are so many girls and guys that have sex before they're sixteen. It's also mostly to do with selfasteem. So just stick to giving advice, not a life talk.

    On another note i'm deffinatlty going to try those tips.

  57. Hi, i'm 13 and i have the most smallest boobs ever like if you were to compare a pancake with my breasts ladies you would see the resemblance.Last year all my guy friends and girl friends were like you need to get bigger boobs and a butt and i felt embarrassed and ashamed..but really i don't care about what boys say because its just my clothing, im already extremely skinny and have had my period since march of 2012 but i'm gonna try this for about 3 weeks to a month. Cause i want to look great for Christmas and New Years.Wish me luck ladies! XOXOXO

  58. I cant even believe that girls are starting to worry about their breast size so young..i didn't think or worry aboutthat until at least 10th grade. I got myperiod while i was in 5th grade and 11 years old and nothing happened to me until 9th grade. Cherish not having any boobs because when they grow they get tender and hurt more.(:

  59. I was just wondering if being a 40D is big or normal for a 14 year old? I'm 14, a 40D and my mom is about an F cup. But Idk if this is natural or i did something to make them bigger. And they always feel small when I'm told they aren't (by my bf). Is that just normal to feel like they're small?

  60. Well following the pattern I'm 18 and a dude 😀
    To get things straight if your 13 wow…. you seriously shouldn't worry about this until you are in late high school (unless your pretty tall then do something about it now). If a guy likes you for your boobs alone dump him for crying out loud. The breast massage thing could be a nice sexual activity for you to do with your boyfriend if he's the type of guy that would like to do that. On my list of things I like in about a girl boobs are my number 3 the first being personality and the second being height (I dig tall chicks always have always will). Unfortunately boobs plus height don't often seem to go together 🙁

    I know you will most likely call me a perv for reading this article and its comments, but I'm just curious :P, by the way is their a penis size version of this article because is non-existent.

  61. Alright, I'm 13 and I'm a 36 D. I exercise , take care of my body and eat healthy . Trust me , if guys really liked you they wouldn't care how your body is shaped ! You girls need to stop worrying about your brest size , trust me …. if I could cut my boobs off I would ! I can't get my cute tops over my boobs without looking like a whore so be greaful for what you have !

  62. Im 12 and a 32 DD, I grow a cup size every 4 months by doing nothing at all, lol, but I want them bigger so im going to try this thing:)And seriously (ADULTS) why are all yall saying that teens and tweens shouldn't be worried about their boobs! STFU! Every girl worries about her cup size no matter how old she is,

  63. I've read some of the comments and I can relate to a lot of them. I've been a 36A for 3 years and I'm sick of it. Every last one of my friends are C's and D's and their only 13 & 14!!!! I hope this works?

  64. I've been reading some of the comments, and I can truly relate. I have been a size 36A for 3 years now. All of my friends are C's and D's and their on;y 13 & 14!!! I really hope this works, because I'm sick of people telling me that I barely have boobs!!

  65. how long do i have to massage my boobs for every night? and by how much will my boobs increase? I am currently a 34b but since having my son they are not as full and lifted anymore!

  66. hi im 15 years old and im a freshman and im having problems getting a stupid boyfriend because i got no boobs but i mean i do got boobs but their small but since i've been doing the massage thing on my breast is been working very well i was a 34b and now i am a 32c ….

  67. I'm just saying but you shouldn't necessarily worry about breast size until it has grown. 11, 12, and 13 years old don't really have them yet until they are older, depending on their own specific time of growth. If boys are making fun of you just because of your size, just ignore them or something because they have to right to doubt you about your own time of breast growth. You are still growing. Believe me, having big chest is painful for girls who want WAAAYY bigger ones. People will make fun of you more than the time of not really having a chest at all. Rumors spread, and people stare, making girls nervous. Sports and other related things that has to make you jump is a pain too because all that weight is pulling your chest and your upper back down, causing sore back. Don't listen to boys that say your's aren't big enough. Be yourself, and be glad you don't have big chest unlike other unlucky girl. I don't really have chest yet and I already have a “.” and stuff. If you have a boyfriend who doesn't like you for yourself and only your body/breast, find someone else. He is uncaring about you and only for your chest is they complain about your developing chest. Don't panic, it WILL grow. If you have a boyfriend who loves you for your presonality, your eyes, etc., I hope you stay with him all the way. ^-^ Tip: Having a breast size around high b, middle c, and low d is good because it is not to big or small. Just the right, normal size for a pretty girl! 😀 Good luck!~ Oh sorry for some broken English! I am Filipino. 😛

  68. im 16 and i constantly get picked on about my breast but im happy with em but so sick of gettin picked on!!!im a 34 B i dont think thats bad at all ecspecially cause im so small..

  69. Im 13 and all i have is buds!! it really sucks bcuz all my friends make funn of me for wearing a bra when i dont need one! help plzzzz!

  70. Im 13 and my a 36c nd im happy wit it but someties i want less boobs because older guys always hit on me

  71. People make fun of my breasts but all my friends are much bigger than me, and all the boys mess about joking about my boobs, but it lowers my self-esteem. I'm not trying this for any boys, i'm doing it for myself, and my confidence rate. Please let me know if there are any better tips?

  72. I am sorry girls. YOu all need to get some self confidence. When I was twelve I wasnt worried about what size my boobs were, and it wasnt that long ago! I am 20 and my boobs are just beginning to grow a little more. All things take time. You young ladies dont need to rush into having sex. Its fun, sure, but there are only so many ways you can do it and if you start out young you can get bored easily with it once you get older. I think you all should focus more on what you will do in the future, and enjoy being young.

  73. My best friend tried massaging her breast with olive oil or lotion and she said it WORKS! she said that before she was a 36B and now i think she's like 36C..

    I'm 18 years old and i'm 34B.. -.- so, i really hope this works! 🙂 but i might also try eating more vegetables and fruits. loool.

  74. This really does work, I was a 34A in the 6th grade and now a 38D and now i am in the 9th grade it just takes time and patience. :3

  75. Ok, guys this is really weird but my friend who is 17 now had a 34A size when she was 9 (cause she had had her…) when I was about 12 I had a 34A and now her boobs are smaller them mine. I'm a 36C and she's a 34B and I'm like why has this happend cause its super weird…

  76. hi , i naturally have a big boobs but i discovered that since i have been working out my breast is becoming smaller than normal, my questions would the total curve can work o bring it back to the bigger shape

  77. Dear Girls,
    If a guy ever says he wants you to change something about yourself in that way, for example get bigger boobs or bigger ass or loose weight, DUMP HIM IMMEDIATELY, he does not deserve an amazing girl like you, there is someone else out there way better then him, a real boyfriend would tell you that you are perfect, and you are. Every single one of you girls are amazing, and do not deserve a guy like that. Find a real man to make you feel like a princess, believe me guys like that are out there, because I guess I am one of them, I have a special lady out there, she is amazing! She isn't my girlfriend yet, but when she is everything will be perfect.
    P.S. Do not worry what you look like, things will happen on their own, let nature take its time, You are all amazing(:

  78. I'm 19, 34a. I am aware I probably haven't finished growing but it is annoying not being able to wear certain clothes as some things look odd without a cleavage. Apparently, tape is good to push them together more and enhance how they look in low dresses or tops, never tried it though. All of the 13 year olds – BOYS. WHAT. Just chill out, wait until you're my age to start worrying about boobs and boys… well, not BOYS. MEN. You do NOT want a boy. Haha. Hooraayyyy for small boobs!

  79. im 12 and only wear a 36A and EvERY1 picks on me 4 being flat chested im tired of it cuz its so overwhelming i dumped my boyfriend cuz he did 2 and i regret it all i want is to have bigger boobs so i can be pretty then i can fit in … what do i do if this dont work?

  80. im 13 in 7th and i have a size 34 a i want them bigger though its been about 2 years and they havent grown at all.I dont know if this is true or not but my friends say if you get hit in your boob they stop growing , is that true?But yes i already started getting my period,its been about a year.So will massaging work ?

  81. Goodness, I'm 17 and I've been a 34 A for as long as I can remember. What's with all these girls wanting bigger boobs at 12? If you haven't even started your period you're not likely to grow that fast! I've danced for 6 years, which is why my boobs haven't grown. I'm on winter break right now and I can tell they're rounder just by having a few weeks off. Plus, if a guy wants to have sex with you, he should do it because he loves you, not because you have big boobs. That's not love, that's lust. My man loved my boobs because he loved me, not the other way around. Notice I said MAN not BOY. Boys don't know what they're doing. Wait for a real man, who will care about you. They are out there, I promise.
    The only reason I want bigger boobs is to give my body nicer curves, NOT to impress some boy. This is for total self satisfaction, not for sex. I hope all you girls wanting boobs to impress boys will learn that before you do something you'll regret.

  82. Im 14 and my size is 36c but when im in the lockerroom I feel so self consicious cause i feel so small. All my friends are bigger than me and have boyfriends . I feel ugly.

  83. I dont have a boyfriend because they say my boobs are too small and my butt is too flat but my bra is a 34 b and my underwear is bigger than my older sister so i hope this works for my chest :(. . . .. . .. . . .. .

  84. So I started puberty early like since I was 8. Im 13, 14 this year so people will go oh your too young like they have other girls my age but honestly I dont care. Like a lot of people here, I just want to know what works. My breasts grew for 3 yrs and stopped at a b cup. I go to an all girls school so no boys to impress and I dont want to date until I am at least 18 so not exactly doing it for a guy. My figure is good, I have hips a bum and a flat stomach but my breasts dont match. Many people will say wait but it is like this with all my family. So please do not reply to this with a load of crap that does not question.

    Which ones work?

  85. Me im 13 haha yeah i know young… have size 34b, i have the biggest boobs in my grade, all the guys are always staring and trying to touch, get pics, and just well see…. i want bigger ones though i know that sound retarded hah im only 13 but i mean what can i say? im a girl, i want big boobs. I dont belive in dating and dont want to lose my virginity till im married, but yeah, you know guys all they want is boobs butt blahhh hhahaha i met this guy he wants my personality, no we are not dating, dont plan on it for awhile, we talk every day, we know we like eachother, and we have known for 2 years right after i got out of my 2 year realation shi, but thats another story, i get bullied an awful lot not about boob szes but cause im a slut, do boobs shrin when your stressed?:D hahaha

  86. I am 16 in sixthform and I have 32 A sized boobs. I have a boyfriend and he loves me just the way I am but he doesn't know that i stuff my bras or wear extremely padded bras and i am sick of stuffing my bras so does this method really work because i cant go on like this :/

  87. Im 15 and i wear 38D and my boyfriend said he loves the way i am! girls boobs are not everything if your boyfriend dont like how you are than he dont deserve you! yea i might have boobs but i dont think my boobs are tht great either but girls keep ur head high and dont listen to them selfish boys! if they worry about how you look than they are stupid cause looks and boob sizes are not everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. it is true is you touch and massage your chest it will grow but all of you girls at ages 11-14 please calm down when I was in the 6th grade I had B's and now that I am in highschool I am a D almost DD your chest will grow now it may be slight and take some time but your chest doesn't stop growing until you are 20 so you have plenty of time ^^ now if you are between the ages of 11-14 and you are trying to grow your breast for a boyfriend telling you now that is silly grow them so YOU think that you are a sexy beast cuz you are 🙂 and if you are also between those ages and you are just growing them out for sex telling you now that is a BIG mistake I waited until I met the love of my life and It makes it even more romantic :3 im not saying you have to marry the man just saying make sure you are in love not just crushing hard cuz there is a reason why they are called crushes… But a bigger chest always improves a woman's self worth and there is nothing wrong with feeling like you are the shizz ;D Good luck a'growing!

  89. i'm 15 and i have a B32. i have done the massaging for a little while now and i have noticed a bit of a difference! They are slightly fuller,perkier and my cleavage is more noticeable i'm so happy! my bf thinks i'm perfect the way i am and the way i look doesn't change how much he loves me that's not my reason for wanting bigger boobs. i wanna be able to look good in different bathing suits, dresses and shirts. also when i get my period my bra size increases to just about a C and i like the way it feels and looks and wish to keep it looking that way. But listen all u girls out there who want larger boobs all of us grow differently and have different body shape. be proud of how u look! and no matter what don't let anyone tell you that your not perfect 🙂

  90. I'm 13 and in grade 8 I have been a 36C since the summer, and I have the biggest boobs in my class. It sort of sucks, cuz guys will just stare at my boobs. They will make comments on them or even name my boobs. That is not the kind of attention I want. I people to notice my personality not my boobs. All you girls out there saying they want bigger boobs for guys. why would you change your self because your bf or the guy you likes ask you to, don't do that. If they don't like you for who you really are then they are not the one for you. You shouldn't have to change your self impress someone. Your whole body will change as you grow don't worry about it, your all beautiful just the way you are. <3

  91. i'm16 and my 13 year old sister has a full size above me, her and my mum kinda giggle about me having a b cup and her having a c , so i'm going to give this a try i really hope it works. coz i have been thonking of stuffing my bra.and i dont want to have to feel like i should do that.

  92. I'm 16 turning 17 this year and I'm also quite chubby so generally my boobs should be bigger but I'm just a B cup and it is really awkward for me when the guy I like is talking to my best friend about her boobs because she is like 2 sizes above me and she is a couple of months younger than me, ive been a B cup for a solid 3 years now and my boobs just aren't growing at all so hopefully this should help.

  93. Ok ladies… so I'm 15 and I rite now a 40c. In six grade I was a 30a. My boobs are kinda weird cuz summtimes they.ll get bigger then drop down two sizes but then go up two-three sizes. Lemme juss tell ya.ll straight up….the massaging works ok. It takes time but if you really want it- be patient. I.m in 10th grade but in 9th grade iwas a 34-36c. Ifound out it worked cuz well….iused to play around with this boy and he liked to to touch my breasts a lot and irealized they were getting bigger by him doing that.. generally your boobs might get bigger if your boytoy plays around with them a lot / or do it yourself (either way 🙂 )

  94. I'm 14 going on 15 and i'm only a 34 b and get made fun of because of it and it doesn't help because this is my ninth year of getting bullied and I really need boobs not cause of guys just cause my sister and my mom are both D cups and and taller then them both i'm 5'6 and my friends say”your so tall how can you not have boobs” I get upset cause my mom says i'm apart of the itty bitty titty committee and it doesn't help I just want bigger boobs before summer comes 🙁

  95. I'm now 18 and have always had smaller boobs. But for all these girls who are around early teens saying this really works or are worried about their breast size your boobs will be growing naturally at this age anyway, just give it time. And anyway all men love boobs whether they are big or small to men boobs are still boobs. But if you are with a guy that makes you feel self-conscious then he isn't worth your time. Not all women are DD cups, learn to love what's yours.And although you might feel that other friends are ahead of you, don't worry you'll catch up. I'm only a 30D but my body is in proportion and good proportions are always more attractive than huge boobs on a tiny frame. And for those young girls being picked on by boys for wearing a bra when they have smaller breasts, a great come back is always you wear trousers right? works every time.

  96. I don't think its easy to ever be satisfied with your breast size. Im 16 and have 34E/32F breasts depending on where I buy my bras and I still want to be bigger even though I know thats ridiculous.

  97. I'm 19 and a small B. I'm trying this so trust me I understand the want for bigger boobies. They're lovely. But to all you young things on here…You're BEAUTIFUL! Small boobs and all! I've been where you are. ALL my friends have nice mellons and here I am little B cup…Let me just tell you that it DOESN'T MATTER! My man loves me for ME! He's never commented on my boobies except to say he loves them! You girls are lookin' at the wrong boys! Boobies are awesome. Love your own and be confident in who you are! If a boy loves your brains he will love your tiny tots as well(:

  98. Jesus Christ.
    For the girls who are 12-13 on here complaining about your breast size, you have 8 more years to grow them out.
    On top of that, I'm pretty sure you guys are too young to do anything with your boyfriends if you're that age~

  99. i'm 15 in highschool with a size 32D bra even though i'm a size D i still get told that they are small does this stuff really work ?

  100. I'm sorry girls. I don't mean to be rude in any way, but most of you are still VERY young. 12, 13, 14… You shouldn't even be worrying about boobs. People mature at different rates, and that's just a fact you have to deal with. So what if some other girl in your grade is a 'C' cup? Her body, i'm only guessing,is probably really unhealthy; full of preservatives and unnatural hormones. I don't mean to be a kill joy here… i'm on this site for a reason… my breasts recently got smaller, so i wouldn't mind trying these techniques,but at least iv'e had mine for a while. I'm 19, and quite frankly, i couldn't care less what cup size i end up with, or what people think of them. I ESPECIALLY wouldn't base my sex life over something so trivial. Have some faith and self-respect girls.

  101. I’m 14 and I’ve been a 34B for about a year now and I’m on bc shot and I’ve been on my period since I was 12. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I want to know any type of massage or something to make them grow naturally! All my friends are about a size B or C! All the guys make fun of me cause I have the smallest out of the girls in the class but I really don’t I mean I’m a 34B! I try to wear push up bras but they barely work and I just want to move up to at least a C cup before summer! Any advice?

  102. well i am using boobpop tool which is Great product for me. My breasts feel firmer after only two weeks. Added bonus I have been getting compliments on how my waist seems to be getting smaller.

  103. I’m a 32 a since high school and I’m 31 now and I’ve tried everything even now still do massarger and take pills girls honestly waste of money on creams and things ect .I have started chest exersize the last week and have noticed an uplift and little firmer but honestly can tell u waste of time it won’t be permanent unless u keep ur abs and user chest muscle up constantly exersizing. So I’m booked in for a boob job after 10years I’ve got so depresses about them my 12 year old daughter has bigger boobs then me.even thou my partner says he loves them I don’t I wanna be able to buy clothes like everyone else and not have to wear a supper padded push up bra. Take it from me ud be better of saving for a boob job

  104. My best friend laughs at me and makes jokes for having small boobs (even though she’s the same size???). I turned 14 5 days ago. Also, a load of guys want the plastics who stuff their bras and stuff and call me flat-chested so I wanna prove everyone wrong and make them jealous 😀

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