How to treat your skin well? Skin care tip

How to treat your skin well? Skin is the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer cover of the body of a person .So the skin is for protection of inner organs of the body, it protects the inner organs from bacteria, viruses and any kind of injury.
For woman to have a rough, scaly and itchy skin it’s something really discouraging. But all these may happen if you don’t take good care of your skin, because anything you apply on your skin has direct effect on it.
How to treat your skin well?

Here are the tips

  • Bathe three times a day…In some cases one might fail to bathe three times a day due to job and this is an apparent reason so instead you can bathe for 2 times in a day means in the morning and evening.
  • Drinking plenty of water… is advised that one should take at least 1.5litres of water per day
  • Eat natural and healthy food especially food which is rich in vitamin and nutrients… you have to make sure you take a balanced diet, a menu which contains all kinds of nutrients
  • Physical exercises……keep your body active by exercising regularly.

As I have mentioned earlier that anything you apply on your skin tends to have direct effect whether negative or positive depending on what you applied, but before getting into that one should be extra careful with what you are using. Be it makeups, soaps, antibiotics or medicines, lotions or creams and so on. You have to be very attentively on how to treat your skin well?

Here are the tips to help you

For makeups, lotions and creams

  • Read the labels for product content and safety information like manufacturing date and expire date
  • Wash your hands before applying makeups
  • Wash your face before you sleep to remove the makeups…don’t sleep with makeups on your How to treat your skin well? Skin care tipface.
  • Avoid sharing of makeups

For antibiotics or medicine

  • Make sure you consult a doctor for medical advice before taking any medicine or antibiotics just to be assured if the medicine or antibiotics won’t have any negative effect to your skin.

For soaps

  • Try to use mild soaps which does not contain large amount of chemicals.

No one will take care of your skin rather than yourself…make better choices for your skin.

How to treat your skin well? Skin care tip

By Cessna George

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