Low Sex Drive or Low Libido in Women get the solution

Low sex drive or low libido in women is a health disorder characterized by persisting or recurrent lack of interest in lovemaking. This disorder is influenced by both physical as well as psychological factors. Lifestyle changes like menopause, pregnancy and illness play vital roles in developing this hypoactive sexual desire disorder. You can easily diagnose low desire problem by performing pelvic exam. It helps in easier identification of problems like vaginal dryness, thinning of genital tissues and triggering spots. At present there are lots of cures available for treating low sex desire problem. Some among the best recommended drugs and treatments are given below.

Seeking counseling from a sex therapist is a best natural technique to cure low sex drive in women. It is a perfect treatment option prescribed for those females suffering from psychological issues. Undergoing therapy helps an individual to attain self understanding of their goals and values. It improves relationship and helps in finding a resolution to issues. Improving self esteem, managing anger, grief and depression are other highlighting benefits of undergoing therapy from a certified health practitioner.

Performing estrogen therapy is a widely prescribed treatment option to cure low sex drive in women. This is a technique to heighten the estrogen concentration of your body. Today, estrogen replacements are given in versatile forma like skin cream, vaginal ring, and estrogen patch.

Low Sex Drive or Low Libido in Women

Apart from improving desire in women, estrogen therapy also helps in reducing hot flashes, relieving insomnia, reducing genital wall irritation and eliminating tooth decay.

Intake of saw palmetto is a safe treatment option available to cure low sex drive in women. Maintaining hormonal balance is an important advantage of using saw palmetto extract. It is well known as a rejuvenator and as an aphrodisiac. Regular intake of saw palmetto as per the guidance of physician improves desire and strengthens the functioning of reproductive organs. Treating impotence, stimulating breast enlargement, treating bladder inflammation and preventing thyroid inflammations are other advantages of using saw palmetto extract. Similar to saw palmetto, sarsaparilla is another natural cure used for treating low desire in women. It relieves the troubles of nervous disorders and helps in curing frigidity, infertility and impotence.

Kamni capsule is one of the best treatment options to cure low sex drive in women. This herbal supplement is a blend of ras sindhoor, bangbhasm, nagbhasm, lauhbhasm and abhrakh bhasm. It is found to be safe and very effective for the treatment of low desire problems. Improving lubrication of genital walls, increasing sensation, enhancing energy levels, intensifying orgasms and arousal are some among the key advantages of using Kamni capsules. Similar to Kamni capsule, Fantasy capsule is another safe remedy available to cure low desire in women. It is a composition of active herbal ingredients like shatavari, shilajit, musli safed, jaiphal and swarnapatra. Patients suffering from lack of desire are advised to intake this herbal supplement twice per day with milk or water. Treating PMS symptoms, curing leucorrhea, improving fertility, normalizing hormonal secretion and enhancing orgasm level are other advantages of using Fantasy capsules.

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