Six benefits of Eating apples for women, don’t peel it

One: eating apples help you lose weight. A common apple usually contains only 60 ~ 100 kilo-calorie, don’t contains fat or sodium. So for women who are trying to lose weight, there are no other fruits better than apples. According to a research in Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil, they divided overweight middle-aged women into three groups, each group had low-calorie diet, but each group of them ate three apples, three pears or three pieces of oatmeal biscuits respectively (3 kinds of food dietary fiber content is equal). After 12 weeks, the group eating apples lost weight by 1.22kg.

Two: the nutrients and other plant chemicals of apples help fight cancer As we all know, obesity not only affects the daily work, life and goodness, but also easy to suffer from cancer. According to the statistical analysis surveyed by a Japanese research team, overweight or obesity is the dangerous factor to cause cancer. But what methods can we take to lose weight and prevent cancer? Believe that eating apples will be a good way for you.

Six benefits of bating apples for women, don't peel it

Three: an apple (don’t peel) a day can prevent strokes; It’s better to eat apples with no peeling it. Flavonoids of apple peel are higher than the pulp of apple, so that the antioxidant activity are stronger, which prevent older women to suffer from stroke. But, be sure you have cleaned it carefully before eating.

Four: several ingredients in apples can prevent heart disease; Apples are rich in folate, which is the main component of vitamin B, what can help prevent heart attacks.

Five: eating more apples can prevent osteoporosis; Apple contains some nutrients which can enhance to absorb the mineral element, such as boron and manganese. Medical experts say eating apples can be helpful for calcium absorption and utilization, prevent osteoporosis.

Six: the ingredients of apples can be counteracted acidity material; Research says that bodies contained more acidity elements are more likely to suffer from the disease. However, apples are alkaline food, which can strengthen physical strength and disease-resistant ability.
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