The 5 Explosive Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Get a 6 Pack Body – Lose weight

What is the fastest way to burn fat? Burning only fat can be done as long as you consume the proper diet and do the right training techniques. You may be cautious about this because you don’t want to lose muscle which is the case with so many diets. This is a legitimate concern. When you are dieting you can be in danger of losing muscle as well.

The 5 Explosive Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Get a 6 Pack Body

Secret #1 – Do Interval Training That Will Burn Fat Long After The Workout.

What is interval training? Interval training is a highly effective cardiovascular workout where you can burn twice the amount of fat in half the time. You will be creating a fat burning machine.An example on interval cardio training would be to take the intensity up on your workout for around 1-2 minutes whether it is fast walking, cycling, running or boxing to the point where you feel like you are ‘Out of your comfort zone’ then let your heart rate come down again for about 30 to 60 seconds.Try to keep your “lower intensity time” short. The key is high intensity.This type of workout will burn carbohydrates during the workout not fat. I know your objective is to burn fat. Why would you want to do this?Sounds crazy but hear me out. When your training is focused on resistance training and interval cardio training it mainly burns carbohydrates during the workout.This will get you the best fat burning results in the least amount of time.Why is that? Well because of what happens after the workout. When exercising with intervals and resistance training, your body will burn more calories up to 48 hours after the workout. Your body ends up burning more fat calories after the workout than slow, steady, typical cardio workouts.This is called the “afterburn”Make modifications in your workouts; train with weights and include interval cardio.This is great for the busy person because you’re burning more in half the time.

Secret #2 – A stationary Bike Is Great For Interval Training.
The resistance on a stationary bike will help you keep your muscle mass. You’re working large muscle groups and this is the key to burn fat faster and efficiently. The respected and well-known fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne recommends doing cycling intervals with high resistance rather then low resistance pedaling fast. He says it’s far more effective will burn fat faster.

There are many types of cardio you can do with interval training. I do a lot of cycle workouts but I change it consistently. Your body will get used to the same thing after awhile and will stop burning and stop building muscle. This is commonly called plateaus.

Secret #3 – Change Your Range Of Repetitions In Your Weight / Resistant Training.
To get that toned sculpted 6 pack body manipulate your training variables. To see maximum results you need to consistently change out your exercises. This is done by adding, subtracting sets and changing the weight amount.

An example of ranges would be 6,8,12 or 15 reps.Each type of rep will accomplish a different goal but if you stick with the same rep all the time your muscles will stagnate. Change at least every 4 to 6 weeks. This training will burn fat faster over time and build muscle. Remember muscle burns fat even when you’re not doing anything.

Secret #4 – Increase Meal Frequency
Eating 6 small meals a day is well understood for most of you who have read about losing fat. But listen to this research study done back in 2005 from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study showed the participants in the study ended up eating fewer calories a day then the standard 3 meals a day. They also lowered their cholesterol and their post-meal insulin levels. To briefly explain insulin levels; increased insulin levels tell the body to store carbohydrates as fat, they also tell it not to release any stored fat.

Increase your lean protein and fiber with 6 meals a day and your body composition will transform rapidly.

I really noticed a huge difference with this.I am a major sugar junky. I love sweets but when I eat those small meals every 3 hours with lean protein my cravings drastically diminished. When I get busy or lazy and miss a meal the cravings come right back. This one thing has made the biggest impact for me and my fat weight loss.

A little tip…when I’m out or really busy, I drink those Myoplex Lite protein shakes in between breakfast and lunch or late afternoon. They are packed with protein. They are tasty, filling and ready to drink.If you want more detail information you’ll love our nutritional training guide that you can find by visiting my webThe 5 Explosive Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Get a 6 Pack Bodysite.

Secret #5 – Keep The Protein High
If you want that sexy lean, sculpted 6 pack body then consuming protein in each meal is a must. Protein builds muscle tissue which in turn, burns fat. Also, Protein keeps you satisfied longer and you will be less likely to over- indulge or crave sugary junk foods.

British Journal of Nutrition reported a study done where the participants consuming a high protein diet greatly reduced their body weight and body fat with increased energy.

Eat healthy Proteins like chicken, salmon, eggs, lean beef and nuts.Modifying your diet and exercise with these 5 tips is the fastest way to burn fat and will transform your body in the shortest amount of time.

The 5 Explosive Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Get a 6 Pack Body

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