What is the Best Hair Straightening Cream?

What is the Best Hair Straightening Cream?

People with curly hair are often unaware about the sensuousness of their hair and hence, they keep on complaining about its texture. Apart from complaining, there are only two things that people with curly hair can do. One is to accept the fact, and the other is to find different hair straightening methods for curly hair.

Along with using the hair straightening instruments like flat irons and blow dryers, chemical hair straightening methods are the newest rage. One such popular chemical hair straighteners are the hair straightening creams. These products eliminate curls and provide straight hair in no time. This process is also known as hair relaxing, in which the basic hair structure is changed with help of certain chemicals and as a result, you get straight and silky hair.

Which is the Best Hair Straightening Cream?

Most hair straightening creams are heat activated hair relaxers. Hence, you need to learn the proper technique to apply this cream on your hair, in order to get maximum benefits. Once you spread the cream evenly on all hair strands, divide them into three sections. Then, dry the hair with a blow dryer and only then style them the way you want. In case you are using a hair straightening cream for the first time, and you are not sure about its application, make it a point to get it done by a professional hair stylist. You can also try the best hair straightening shampoos as well. Well, here are some of the brands from which you can select the best cream for yourself.

Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Styling Cream
This cream is the most suitable for dry and frizzy curly hair. It also repairs damage caused due to sunlight, chemical perms, colors and heat straightening products. It is safe for color treated hair and even the driest type of curly hair. You need to apply it on damp hair and then comb down the hair to get that stunning and straight hair look. Average cost is around $ 42.

What is the Best Hair Straightening Cream?

Sebastian Laminates Straightening Liquigel
This is a liquid gel which is used for temporary hair straightening. It retains the hair moisture and provides a silky, smooth and straight structure to your hair. You need to apply it on wet hair, then comb the hair and set them in the desired hairstyle. Remember that you cannot achieve permanent hair straightening by such hair care products. The average cost is around $ 25.

L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot Straight Thermo Straightening Cream
This product is extremely popular amongst consumers. Most of the time, it is suggested to be used with hair straighteners and hair dryers to get more desired results with curly hair. According to the manufacturers, you get long-lasting straight hair with this cream. Average cost is around $ 13.

L’Oreal X-Tenso Cera Thermic Hair Straightening Cream
The best thing about this hair straightening cream is that you don’t need to apply it daily. Once applied, it can stay in effect for the next 6 months. It targets the problem areas and gives a long-lasting blow dry effect. It comes is four varieties and hence, you can select the best of them, that suits your requirements. Average cost is around $ 60.

Kiehl’s Hair Care – Stylist Series Straightening Cream
This heat-protective silk straightening cream is good for men. It comes with silk powders and soy bean extract that condition the hair and retain original hair moisture for a longer period of time. This cream is beneficial for wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Average cost is around $ 35.

The above mentioned are just the examples of the hair straightening creams that you can try along with some well-known hair straightening techniques. You may want to consult your hair stylist and make sure the hair care products that you are using are working well on your type of hair.

What is the Best Hair Straightening Cream?

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