Woman Health Advice: Dealing with Women Health Issues

Women are multi-taskers and are adept at handling professional and domestic work. However, while doing so women often tend to neglect their own health, which can have serious long-term consequences. Thus, it is very important to focus on important woman health and related issues.

Tips for Healthy Body and Mind

There is some key health advice for women that can go a long way in maintaining great fitness levels. Some of the most important things to remember include:

Back Pain: Due to long working hours at office along with taking care of the domestic chores can cause frequent back pains. Neglecting this problem can prove harmful in the long run and must thus be addressed right away.

The simplest way to relieve back pain is to give adequate rest to the back. Lying on a hard surface with the spinal cord completely perpendicular to the surface is a great way to reduce back pain. Some other ways to reduce back pain includes back massages or a hot bath.

Also, it is important to maintain correct sitting posture. It is important to keep the back straight and not have a slumped or a hunched position constantly.

Menstrual Pain: The most common women health problems are lower abdominal pains during the monthly menstrual cycle. These pains are a result of contraction of the uterus. Due to these contractions, the blood supply to the uterus is blocked temporarily causing severe pain.

It is a minor problem and can be overcome by light exercises and painkillers. If women experience severe pain that persists for a long time then they must consult a gynecologist immediately.

Anaemia: This is yet another common ailment found among women. It arises due to lack of haemoglobin or deficiency of red blood cells. One of the most important reasons for haemoglobin is iron deficiency. ThWoman Health Advice  Dealing with Women Health Issuesis leads to constant exhaustion and weakness with a pale look.

Anaemia especially affects women as they lose blood during the monthly menstrual cycle. Thus it is important to ensure sufficient iron content in the body to maintain high haemoglobin levels. It is recommended to have iron-rich diet comprising of meat, eggs, fresh green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, fresh fruits and healthy cereals. Iron supplements can also boost the haemoglobin levels significantly and are a good option.

Breast Cancer: Several women, especially in the post-menopausal age suffer from breast cancer. In this, the breast tissues develop malignant cells causing lumps.
Often women suffer from breast cancer when there is a significant family history or delay in child birth or not having a child at all. Other reasons include obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol and prolonged hormone replacement therapy.

The only way to cure breast cancer is to diagnose it early so that the treatment can be started at an earlier stage of cell growth.

Varicose Veins: This is yet another painful disorder wherein the veins present in the feet swell hampering smooth blood circulation. Although, there is no particular cause for varicose veins, experts suggest weakness and incorrect blood circulation as the main reasons. The cure for this includes constant use of stockings, exercise, compression sclerotherapy and even surgery.

These are some of the most widely prevalent health issues among women. It is critical to follow women health advice in order to stay fit and healthy always.

Woman Health Advice: Dealing with Women Health Issues

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